Illustration of a creepy looking person squatting on the asphalt outdoors. It is really dark out. The person has their head tilted, and is wearing a red hoodie and a neon face mask, covering their entire face. The eyes are crossed out, and the mouth looks likeit has been stitched.

I don’t have anything against Michael Jackson. But today’s prompt is Thriller. And I didn’t want to be one of dozens drawing Michael. So I looked for something else. I came across a photo by Sebastiaan Stam on Unsplash, which I thought was rather fitting as a Thriller reference.

Rosie loves way too many things; games, crafting, drawing, painting, design, sewing plushies, planners, music, movies, series. On this blog she shares her creations and other snapshots of stuff she likes.

You might know Rosie from her Twitch channels RosieSoCosy (English) / Rosiewosie (Dutch), her YouTube channels, her planner shop Retro Hugs, or perhaps SimsNetwork, her Sims fansite she started back in 2000.

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