Here is a collection of links to my socials, websites and other links I find useful. I've divided the links into categories. I'll update the page when I have time and/or feel the need.




Related to RosieSoCosy


Interview with EA


SimsNetwork / SimsNetwerk

  • Website
  • YouTube EN | NL
  • Twitter EN | NL
  • Instagram ENNL
  • Tumblr EN | NL
  • Facebook SNW | EN | NL
  • Pinterest EN | NL
  • Ello ENNL
  • TikTok EN | NL (Someone took my name, so I don't have a separate SimsTok in English. As for the Dutch one, I don't really use it yet.




Other projects/websites

(most of them on hiatus and heavily under construction)

  • Retro Hugs (hiatus) - My planner shop blog.
  • Retro Hugs Etsy (hiatus) - My planner shop.
  • Hugs - Portal with links to various sites.
  • Miss Design - My portfolio.
  • Rosana Kooymans - My old blog.
  • MySimsNetwork - My MySims fansite.
  • SporeNetwork - My Spore fansite.
  • SimCityNetwork - My SimCity fansite.
  • Juniorwood - The travel blog of Junior.


Animal Crossing Tools

  • MeteoNook: Predict the weather and other patterns on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf Pattern Tool - Helps you design patterns outside of New Leaf, create a QR code, which you can then import into your game.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pattern Tool - Let's you design patterns outside of New Horizons, create a QR code, which you can then import into your game.
  • Nook Exchange - Useful tool to (wish)list items you own or want. You can share your page with friends which makes it easier to gift items.


LEGO Stuff